Reviewing the Watcher score

What the Critics Say....

Boston Herald

“As loamy as 10 yards of Midwestern topsoil and his complex is a nest of small town relationships ... Unexpectedly literate & moving”

Il Sussidiario

“A glorious American Songbook… A brilliant, deeply American writing… powerful and suggestive.”

BC Magazine

“Each song tells a story, and the outcome is a very beautiful, haunting sound that reminds this reviewer of work from the Band and Charlie Sexton.”

Graham Parker

“A rare class inhabits the man's songwriting that's not often encountered today.”

Stereo Review

“An eye for detail and gift for absorbing narrative.”

The Dallas Observer

“Unfair to describe this work in terms of another - it's that personal, that complete, and that well done. Shad has an expressive voice that bends around the emotions of a song while oral textures change from the grey foreboding of a sky about to snow to the ruddy light of a neighborhood bar.”

Album Network

“An accomplished and seasoned artist.”

BC Magazine

“Very real, very evocative, and the type of storytelling that can’t help but cause some kind of reaction.”

New Country

“In the tradition of heartland storytellers like James McMurtry and John Mellencamp comes another authentic voice.”


Photography Credit:

Ruben Henriquez