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The Conversations

The Conversations are a jazz pop trio led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Rees Shad.

An essential element in articulating Shad’s musical vision, The Conversations are drummer Bobby Kay and bassist Jeff Link.  Bobby has recorded with jazz pianist Cole Broderick and toured with the like of R&B singer Ellen Macilwaine, Kay began his musical tête-à-tête with Shad twenty-five years ago recording and touring half a dozen of Shad’s unique Americana accented albums. Kay’s life in rhythm began when as a child he’d entertain his family playing along to drum breaks on old 45’s using pencils as sticks on his first drum kit—a “hideous” lime green Naugahyde ottoman. A former Berklee faculty member, Jeff Link joined the discourse three years ago after spending two decades honing his musical fluency as a pit musician on Broadway and touring with rock luminaries such as Robben Ford and Albert Cummings. Link’s first concert performance was at 8 years old, and music has been (and always will be) his animating muse.  The trio has a number of guests who sit in to join and spice up the sessions, but Kay and Link lay the foundations of every exchange. 

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