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Back in the Studio!


May 9, 2023

Recording Solo as well as with The Weight Band and The Conversations

I spent the last week over at Clubhouse Studio (Rhinebeck, NY) working on a couple of projects and am exhausted now.  My old friend Jimmy Weider (he produced Paul Burlison’s Sweetfish release for us back in the 1990s) and The Weight Band helped me out on a couple of songs I wrote while hanging out at the Durango Songwriter Expo a few months back, then I spent a day recording an acoustic retrospective album that I hope to have out by Summer’s end.  I wrapped up the week with The Conversations coming in and laying down eight new tunes. 

The plan that I have is to take selections from all three sessions and weave them into an album for a late Fall release.  The current working title? The Galahad Blues.

As should be expected, it is indeed a diverse collection of songs.  I play a little folk acoustic, some boppish soloing, vintage hot jazz, and some rockin’ blues… but there’s a thread that I hope will hold it all together.  I need to craft these songs with a few more overdubs and some selective editing, but the roughs are already something that I’m proud of… and thankful to all the folks who collaborated to get it this far.

I ask for a bit of patience as I get everything prepped for you.


-RS 5/8/23  

Jimmy Weider (producer & guitar) , Paul Antonell (engineer), Matt Zeiner (B3), Mike Bram (drums) , Moi (vox and guitar), Albert Rogers (Bass & Harmonies), Oliver (couch), & Brian Mitchell (Piano).

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