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(2014 to Present)

Discography: Discography
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The Galahad Blues

There is a storyline to be found within The Galahad Blues that makes this part concept album, part fantasy, and, most of all, a fascinating collection embroidered with richly detailed micro dramas.

Here Shad reimagines the Knights of the Round Table recast as gangsters, King Arthur’s Camelot as a 1940's Chicago nightclub, and rather than focusing on gallantry and chivalry, Shad explores the potential of finding honor among thieves. 

CDs & USBs release 3/1/24

Vinyl release 4/1/23

All available for pre-order in

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Six Strings & a Story

A solo retrospective album

of catalog picks from thirty years

of releases (some new gems as well).

Intimate, heartfelt, and essential.

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"These eleven songs serve as a superb sampling of the skill and savvy that have been a hallmark of Shad’s career from the very beginning."

-Lee Zimmerman for

American Songwriter

Tattletale (2022)

Produced by Rees Shad

& Paul Antonell

Featured Performers: Tony Aiello (reeds); Larry Campbell (Violin); Ira Coleman (bass); Marc Fineberg (reeds); Bobby K.(drums); Jeff Link (bass); Tom Major (drums); Brian Mitchell (accordion); Rees Shad (vox, piano, & guitar); Ruth Ungar (vox); Carlos Valdez (percussion); Jimmy Weider (guitar & mandoline); Mat Ziegler (organ & Wurlitzer piano).

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read what Americana Highway had to say about this album here.

Rees Shad & The Convo Combo Live From The Clubhouse (2020)

Produced By Rees Shad

& Paul Antonell

Featured Performers: Bobby K.(drums); Pat Perkinson (bass); Rees Shad (vox & guitar)

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The Watcher (2019)

Featured Performers: Samarie Alicia (vox); Christine Bile (vox); Blair Cheng (cello); Jay Julio (viola); Nathan Kamal (violin); Wayne Paul (vox); Madeline Fox (vox); Aimée Niemann (violin); Ben Odom (vox); Luke Scott (vox); Rees Shad (vox); Lawyer Shamell (vox)

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Songs for Isaac (2016)

Produced by Rees & Dylan Shad

Featured Performers: Tony Aiello (reeds); John Arrucci (drums); Edwin 'Canito' Garcia (bass); Don Harris (horns); Bobby K (drums); Juliet Quick (vox); Rees Shad (guitar, piano, vox); Jay Turner (bass)

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Listen to the entire album on Spotify

Featured Performers: John Arrucci (vibraphone); Gerald Flores (bass); Harold Huyyssen (drums); Robert Metcalf (piano); Ben Odom (vox); Ruben Reyes (bass); Sixto Carlos 'Butch' Roxas (guitar); Rees Shad (guitar, vox)

Check out a documentary we shot while recording the album

Listen to the entire album on Spotify

With Sixto "Butch" Roxas

Produced by Rees & Dylan Shad

Half A World Away (2014)

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