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Jul 8, 2023

So much going on over here at Conversation Central! 

So much going on over here at Conversation Central! 

I’ve just completed the package design for Six Strings & a Story with the wonderful graphictician/singer/photographer Lindsey Morano, and the mixing and mastering is in the very final stages. Everything will go out for production in the coming week or two. This new album is an acoustic solo retrospective due to release on October 6th. 

At the same time, my old friend and collaborator Doug Ford is beginning the process of mixing The Galahad Blues, an album of completely new material played with The Conversations as well as a couple of wonderful guests like The Weight Band, Tony Aiello, and Larry Campbell.  This week I began delving into the artwork for the album and we’ve carved out January 26th as the release date.

But wait…There’s more! 

I have signed on for a collaborative project with the fabulous folks at Leesta Vall Recordings to offer direct-to-vinyl recordings of singular performances of some of my most popular songs.  This is literally a single sided record with a singular performance (No reproductions! Every record is hand-made and the only copy!) that will be available on a pre-order basis soon and will be recorded in November. 

Team Conversate is hard at work creating a Patreon page with all kinds of cool extras for our patrons including access to The Please Don’t Call It Rees’ Pieces Podcast– a songwriting journal tracing the origins and intentions of my creations.  It’s a podcast that I think will appeal to my fellow creatives and fans of my music as well as the casual but curious listener wanting a peak behind the creative curtain. In tandim with the Podcast I am also building a Spotify Playlist that will be made up of tons of cool tunes that I reference in the Podcast.  Listeners will find a bunch of music that continues to inspire me, and hopefully will inspire them as well.


The band is out and about - go on over to the ‘Shows’ page and see where we’re playing next ... we’re truly jazzed about it.


Talk soon,



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