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Direct-to-Vinyl Audio Polaroid

Lance Cowan

Oct 17, 2023

A very personal offering...

Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Rees Shad OffersOne-of-a-kind Recordings For His Fans

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – As the holidays quickly approach, acclaimed singer-songwriter Rees Shad is offering his fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity. On Nov. 29, the New Englander will enter Leesta Vall’s Brooklyn, NY studios for “Live Sessions,” where Shad will cut 7” lathe cut vinyl individual records of his songs, specifically of his fans’ choosing.“This is as off-the-cuff as it can be,” explains Shad. “It’s a very personal, dedicated recording. It’s as live as it could be without me sitting in someone’s living room.”The recordings are never duplicated, and no two recordings will be alike, he continued. “Once the needle hits the vinyl, I don’t get a second chance,” he laughs. “The pressure is on.”The limited edition lathe cut record releases are made from a special type of plastic similar to polyvinyl chloride, and are cut individually live on an antique record cutting lathe from the 1950's. Each record costs $30, and is handmade one at a time, in real time, by a real person. Pre-orders of specific songs and more information can be found at:’s most recent release, Six Strings and A Story, is a retrospective collection performed by Shad accompanied only by his guitar. The new release is already drawing praise from the critics. “Music that is both poignant and profound,” observed The Berkshire Edge. “Shad’s stories, shared from the heart, resonate with universal appeal.” “With his latest record, Six Strings & A Story, Rees Shad has truly made a statement of what one instrument and one voice can do,” echoed Lucas Garrett of Nippertown. “Blending wonderful dynamic playing with lyrics that practically paint upon countless canvases right in front of listeners’ eyes, Shad has released a great collection of tunes.”“[The new album features] a set of tunes performed with a spare acoustic guitar & the engaging voice of Rees Shad which has a wonderful folky tone,” wrote John Apice for Americana Highways. “[Six Strings & A Story] possesses linkages to John Prine, Guy Clark, Greg Copeland, Jim Lampos & Gene Ryder.”


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