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Finishing Up Recording The Latest Release (s?)


Dec 9, 2021

Two years of sessions finally paying off

Rees has been hard at work finishing up some new material (26 new songs in all!!). A bunch of lovely folks have been lending a hand, including...Tony Aiello (reeds), Paul Antonell (co-producer) Larry Campbell (fiddle), Ira Coleman (bass), Mark Fineberg (reeds), Bobby Kay (drums), Jeff Link (bass), Tom Major (drums), Shubham Mondal (engineer), Brian Mitchell (accordion), Michael Pillot (aide de camp) Ruth Ungar (vocals), Carlos Valdez (percussion), Jimmy Weider (Guitar & mandolin), Matt Ziegler (B3 & Wurlitzer)... whew! It's been a wonderful bunch of sessions at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY.

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