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Episode 1.2 Smaller Instruments Build Confidence

So all those electric partscasters gave me the allusion of self-confidence and led me to try my hand at an acoustic guitar...I found a tear drop shaped guitar kit from a catalog that I think was called 'Lark in The Morning.'

This proved to be well beyond the capacity of my tool collection at the time and I ended up making a very expensive piece of firewood by the end of the experience… okay I might have actually lost my cool and smashed it when I broke through the overly sanded top while applying a bridge…. Ah well, live and learn….

Before attempting another acoustic guitar, I began a series of smaller acoustic instruments that I received in kit form.

I didn’t therefore need to plane or shape pieces other than from rough form. First, I built myself a lovely dulcimer which I now never play, but it looks nice in the corner of my production studio.

I followed this up with a nifty Dulcimer guitar instrument kit and a banjo. These ended up being given to students of mine at Hostos Community College.

I then built a series of ukuleles - one each for my Granddaughter LJ, my niece Anna, my niece Rebecca, and my other niece Rachel. These projects provided me the opportunity to collect the tools and start understanding the necessity to sand and sand and sand some more… and to do so with more patience.

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